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Power Recruiting Group is the ultimate resource for outstanding talent in the ever-changing energy sector. Our proven executive search team has exclusive and intimate knowledge of the industry and its key players. We know who's hiring, who's downsizing, who's transitioning, and who’s innovating.

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    Power Recruiting Group can rapidly fulfill the most exacting personnel demands. All of our recruiters have extensive industry backgrounds. We understand your needs because we’ve served in many of the roles you need us to fill.  We have literally been there and done that.

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    Put our expertise to work for you. We understand the dynamic and changing needs of your industry. With a robust Rolodex of top-tier talent, PRG is your best resource for bringing exceptional talent to your organization. 

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    PRG is an executive search and consulting firm with a demonstrated record of success and leadership in recruiting top talent for worldwide industry leaders. We are deeply immersed in the energy industry with an extensive network of high-powered contacts and associates.  

    We have successfully placed hundreds of exceptional candidates in vital roles with some of the world’s most successful companies.  Power Recruiting Group is ready to do the same for you.

    Our clients and partners expect the perfect match and we deliver.  


Introducing: The Industry's Elite

Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, PRG is unique in that our headhunting team have not only recruited and consulted with countless industry leaders; we’ve actually worked in many of the roles we fill for some of the most successful firms in the world.

 PRG is the achievement of J. Michael Edwards , founding principal and a leader in executive level recruitment since 1998. Over his decades-long career, Mr. Edwards has sold energy commodities, developed private power generation projects, and worked with natural gas distributors and producers, electric utilities, and private corporations worldwide. In seeking candidates to fill his development teams, he developed keen headhunting expertise. He cultivated that expertise into the Power Recruiting Group. He also works closely with private equity and venture capital firms in their effort to build the best teams for their clients and partners.  

 Today, PRG fills a wide range of positions in ever-changing and dynamic industries. When you are ready to build an outstanding team, turn to a proven firm who has successfully done just that.